Create a calming and peaceful atmosphere in your home

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 As its #mentalhealthawareness week we wanted to share the importance of your home surroundings and how you could create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. 

Your physical environments directly impact your mental health so keeping your home a relaxed space is very important. After all, it is your home so it's only right that you feel relaxed and calm in your safe haven.

Here are a few tips we think can help create a calming atmosphere at home. 


Add some art

Whether it's creating a wall gallery, dotting art pieces around your home or simply adding prints to your shelves, it really can transform home and change your mood.  Soufriere Living art prints have been described as 'positive and calming’ by many customers. The quotes, quirkiness and abstract colour combinations can help reduce stress and keep you motivated. Adding art to your home also shows your personality and why not change it up by adding seasonal prints. Keep an eye out for our next blog on how to freshen up your walls in spring/summer. 


Bring nature inside

Plants and flowers are good for your health as not only do they look pretty but they reduce stress and boost your mood. We recommend buying or 'picking' your favourite flowers monthly, this also gives you something to look forward to. The colour, the smell can help ease away anxieties and worries. In fact, we're going to soon release our summer vibes collection that will create an outdoor-indoor atmosphere. 

Light candles

Candles are a great way to relax and also acts as a decorative item to any room in your home. The scent of a candle can help you escape, and will give off a soothing and relaxing vibe. 


De-cluttering your home

De-cluttering your home can help to lower stress levels, let go of items that cause bad vibes and give you a feeling of self-achievement. Arriving home to a tidy space makes you feel more at ease, relaxed, appreciative of space and productive.


Let natural light in

Finally, it’s super important to let natural light into your home especially if you don't have access to a garden space. Now that the weather is 'slightly' changing, a good tip is to open your windows first thing in the morning which helps to circulate the air and wake you up. Listen to the sound of the birds and feel the breeze.


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